Because modern dental technology is constantly evolving, at The Dental Centre we spend considerable time and money ensuring we have the most up-to-date technology available to help us provide top quality dental care for our patients.

Sleep dentistry uses medically administered and supervised IV sedation to induce a drowsy, dream-like state during your dental treatment. For nervous patients, it can help make your appointment with us a more relaxing and comfortable experience. It also has amnesic properties so you are very unlikely to remember the procedure.

Our in-chair patient entertainment features a ceiling-mounted plasma television complete with satellite channels to give you all the comforts of home. We also offer a Bose sound system in each surgery.

If you’re nervous about your appointment we can offer nitrous oxide sedation. This type of clinical sedative can relax you to help make your visit as comfortable as possible.

The intraoral digital camera helps us to easily and comfortably look inside your mouth at your regular examinations. This diagnostic tool is excellent for diagnosing fractures invisible to the naked eye and can also be used to help patients to visualise and understand problems. All this adds up to well-informed treatment decisions.

Dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) technology has changed dental radio-graphic imaging. We can now create 3D images of both the soft and hard tissues of the head and neck. It is quick, painless and involves the use of a much lower dose of radiation than a regular CT scan. At The Dental Centre we use this technology to help plan dental implants, assess impacted teeth (such as wisdom teeth) and allow more accurate orthodontic evaluation.

All our surgeries are equipped with the latest in digital xray equipment. These digital systems emit a much lower level of radiation compared to conventional Xrays and allow you to see the results almost instantaneously as a large, clear computer image.

The Dental Centre’s on-site dental laboratory gives us fast access to mouthguards, tooth whitening trays and retainers.

Our in-house Orthopantomograph (OPG) is a hi-tech digital x-ray machine that provides your dentist with a complete panoramic x-ray of your teeth, upper and lower jawbones, sinus and jaw joints for the clearest picture of your overall oral health. We are also able to take all the necessary Xrays for orthodontic treatment in our clinic to maximise convenience for our patients (and their parents!).

The DIAGNOdent pen uses a laser diode to inspect your teeth diagnosing areas of decay that require a filling. With DIAGNOdent technology we can catch areas of decay sooner and more precisely meaning less invasive restorative work.

Our soft tissue laser is used for surgical procedures such as removing gum tissue, taking biopsies or recovering implants. There is very little bleeding or pain associated with laser procedures. This means that you may not even need anaesthetic and can expect a very smooth healing process.