The Dental Centre team always looks forward to welcoming children into our practice, helping them to become familiar with our dental technology and team.
Our practice is designed to provide a relaxed, comfortable environment to ensure your child is completely happy and confident with their dental treatment. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about caring for your child’s teeth.
Our waiting room has a designated children’s area with a play wall and toys for the young ones and Playstation game consoles for the older kids.

Your child’s first visit to The Dental Centre usually involves a 15-30 minute examination of their teeth, gums, jaws and bite. Even though your child will lose their baby teeth naturally, it is essential that these teeth are cared for in the same way as permanent teeth to avoid dangerous infections or development of crowding and mal-alignment problems in the adult teeth. Monitoring the health of your children’s teeth is very important to prevent, detect and treat problems as they occur.

It is a great idea to schedule your own appointment at the same time as your child’s at first to give them confidence from seeing you have your teeth examined.

All the friendly Dental Centre team are happy to help you and your family put in place a good preventive program at home for your children.

The ideal way to avoid painful, potentially disfiguring and often expensive sports dental injuries is with a custom-made mouthguard from The Dental Centre.

Our mouthguards are fitted to your unique anatomy using a detailed cast of your mouth. This allows us to fit your individual bite pattern, mouth shape and gum contour with accuracy and offer the best protection for your teeth. An off-the-shelf mouthguard does not have accurate distribution of support around your teeth and gums and therefore offers you only limited protection by comparison.

The far superior fit of a professional mouthguard allows you to breathe and speak more easily for optimum performance. Choose from our wide selection of team colours and patterns to protect your teeth in style.

Both baby and adult molars are covered with tiny pits and fissures in which food and bacteria often become trapped. Accumulation of plaque in these areas can potentially lead to cavities. Because brushing and fluoride are unable to fully reach into these pits and fissures, they cannot offer effective protection against decay.

Fissure sealants can be used to fill in these vulnerable areas, smoothing your tooth and making it easier to clean. The sealant starts as a liquid, which is applied by your dentist after cleaning the tooth. The sealant is flowed into the imperfections and sets hard like plastic to create a protective barrier against plaque and bacteria build-up.

Completely pain-free and non-invasive, fissure sealants need little or no drilling or anaesthetic, and take just five minutes per tooth to apply. We recommend that sealants be applied when the first permanent molars emerge at around age six and then after the second permanent molars come through between the ages of eleven and fourteen.

The natural element fluoride has major benefits for your children’s developing teeth, as well as for maintaining the health of adult teeth. Fluoride is absorbed into the enamel in teeth to make them stronger and more resistant to decay and damage.

We can apply a fluoride treatment to your teeth that contains a much higher level of fluoride than the amount found in toothpastes and mouth rinses. This can help to promote remineralisation, which repairs the damage caused by dental decay and acids. This preventative strategy helps to keep your teeth strong, white and healthy.